Friday, June 18, 2010


Have you ever wonder if you’ve really found the friendship that’s worth dying for…
Have you ever meet a friend for life…
With the years that I’ve been wandering on this plain that we are in…
I’ve already meet a lot of friends…Some have left and go, some have stayed and I go….
Some have remain still…..Some have been friends since childhood, some have been classmates…
Some were officemates/colleagues/peers/boss/subordinates,
Some were the one you love, Some were the one you’ve hurt….
Some were the one you’ve meet in an organization/community….
Some were your friend’s friend, some were friends by occasion and so on and so forth ( Facebook, friendsters…ha…ha.. ) ….
But do we really have to categorized the value of our friends???
Starting from the highest to the lowest, from being close or being far….
Do we? or Have we thought of it?
Years ago, I was once ask by one of my friends, Whose the best of all my bestfriends?
I can still remember and its still fresh on my mind that I’ve mention a name of one of my bestfriend…..
But as you grow and when you really miss them….
and when you remember some of the things that you’ve done together…happy or sad….
and some of those foolish things…..
You can really begin to fathom the value of friend….
Its not by years that you’ve been together,
Its not by ranking them from 1st to lowest,
Its not by categorizing them….
But for me a friend is a friend when you remember and think of them….
That’s how I value my FRIENDS….
I remember all of you my FRIENDS….
Have you tried remembering your FRIENDS?

Pause for awhile, just some seconds and think of your FRIENDS…
Believe me YOU’LL SMILE and appreciate it…..


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